Bart Kakoschke's Extended Family Tree
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Welcome to my family history website. I've been researching the tree for more than 30 years and it currently contains over 3,800 individuals, most of whom are either directly related to me, or are related by marriage to a relative.

Note: I treat family history as a giant jigsaw puzzle - one that's easier to assemble if all the pieces are laid out on the table, as opposed to leaving them in the box until finding just the right piece. Consequently, some of the 'leaves' and 'branches' herein may not be totally accurate. In other words, the Family Tree is, and always will be, a work in progress!

These pages are dedicated to the memory of my late father, whose keen interest in genealogy sparked my own.

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Amanda Annie Selma KAKOSCHKE
Amanda Annie Selma KAKOSCHKE

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Whenever researching family history it's almost inevitable that you'll come up against one or more "brick walls". Ancestors whose origins are difficult to pin down. Are you able to provide any information on the following "Most Wanted"?

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